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Thanks For Helping Us Celebrate Our Community!

Stan Zeff

Tambor Founder and Iconic Afro House DJ. In addition to hosting Tambor Parties in Atlanta and NYC this year, Stan has performed alongside Black Coffee and The Chosen Few, and has headlined Burning Man stages and Daybreaker ATL.  

Scott Houston

Scott Houston delivers his sound as ritual for enthusiasts of the deep and sacred. His DJ sets serve as portals into shamanic realms; seamlessly blending hypnotic rhythms & soundscapes that transform dark, instrumental harmonies into light. 

Frankie Malloy

Frankie Malloy is a renowned Musician, DJ, & Composer- and Co-Founder of Wontanara Inc- a non-profit cultural arts movement dedicated to educating and teaching West African Drum and Dance. He's know for his energy-packed percussion performances!

AJ Nocito

AJ Nocito is a New York City based percussionist that performs regularly with DJ Tasha Blank and the Alex LoDico Ensemble. He delivers a mind blowing performance at every event he's invited to play. His love for percussion and dance is contagious

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