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Dance music and club culture began as a sanctuary for those who defied the status quo. Over time, we somehow lost sight of the path and the unity that existed among enlightened souls. 

We stepped into a monotonous and shallow scene with masks. We desired superficial acceptance and we turned the other way as politics seeped into the culture.  Ultimately, we deprived ourselves of the degrees of existentialism that music and dance were meant to reveal and are essential to maintain our sanity.


In response to this and inspired by the power of music, culture, and the call of the drum, DJ Stan Zeff created the Atlanta-based Tambor Party in 2009. Rooted in Afro House music, Tambor Party is both a dance movement and a congregation of kindred spirits of all backgrounds who seek a refuge from the weight of daily life and a volatile society. 

Ceremonial at best, the Tambor Party experience is a blend of ancestral energies and tribal futurism, where shamanic pulses of drum and bass reconnect you with yourself and your tribe. You’ll be embraced regardless of the extent you choose to expose yourself, and in the midst of the dance, you’ll find yourself stripping down to the bare roots of your soul to get closer to that meaning you’ve been searching for. 

Tambor Party has since featured well-known and up-and-coming guest DJs in the Afro House music scene such as Black Coffee, Osunlade, and Zepherin Saint. As cultural ambassador, DJ Stan Zeff extended the Tambor Party experience with recurring events in New York City, Los Angeles, London and Barcelona. 

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From the London Underground warehouse parties of the late 80s, to spinning at music festivals on the Caribbean Sea, DJ Stan Zeff stayed true to the sound and spirit of house music.


As a pioneer in London’s house music scene, Stan Zeff worked alongside up-and-coming DJs such as Zepherin Saint, Jazzie B, Mr. C, and Eddie Richards. In 2009, he pressed on with his pioneering spirit and founded Atlanta’s Tambor Party, a dance movement and series of events centered around Afro house music. Tambor Party has since expanded to other major U.S. cities, Canada and Europe, and includes a roster of guest DJs who are well-versed in the house music scene such as Black Coffee, Louie Vega, Osunlade, Boddhi Satva, and Djeff Afrozila. 

Stan Zeff expanded the Tambor brand to include the record label Tambor Music, with a growing roster of artists and a focus on the tambor and African sound. The annual Tribe Tambor Cruise is his music festival at sea that features a lineup of house music DJs.  

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