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The Experience That Inspired Stan Zeff To Create The House Music Track: "Breath"

Get ready to take a deep breath and dive into the world of House Music Brand Tambor Party Founder, Stan Zeff. In this exclusive interview, Stan takes us on a journey as he shares the inspiration behind one of his latest DJ singles, "Breath", a track that delves into the power of conscious breathing and its impact on our lives. From the creative process to the emotional connection, Zeff opens up about the message he hopes to convey through his music and the impact he hopes to make on his listeners.

From Stan-

"I was inspired to produce this track after a returned home from a plant medicine ceremony. It was a special ceremony where a lot of my past life obstacles were answered. It gave me a new perspective and direction in life.

The main message that I received from this ceremony was the importance of breath, how I have taken it for granted, and that it’s my life-giver. Going forward I must take time every day to be present for my breath. Acknowledge it, respect it and feel it through meditation or just sitting in a quiet space for 10 mins, but it must be a daily practice.

In the morning, when I got home from the ceremony I went straight into my studio and started working on music. It didn’t mean anything to me at the time, I just thought that I had a burst of energy, but after a couple of hours of experimenting with drum rhythms and melodies, it all became clear that my subconscious was at work. I put in a sample of breathing to the music, It had to feel right and be prominent in the music as this was what the track was all about. I smiled inwardly and externally as the music all started coming together. It felt like I was documenting the ceremony through music which was new to me as I would normally journal my ceremony experiences. I finished this track in a day, Spirit was frantically at work with this music and only when it was complete was when I felt tired after being up the whole day and night before.

I released 2 mixes of this track one that’s more upbeat and the other I call the ceremony mix that’s slower and has a ceremony feel. Breathwork is now part of my daily morning routine that has helped me to be more grounded though out my day, be more thoughtful with decisions, and be more observant about taking my time in life. I didn’t realize how important the breath is for me and how much it has improved my life.

I give thanks to the plants who have given me so much guidance.


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